All through Middle School Band, I played the tuba. And, while the tuba was not my first choice in an instrument, it’s how I got my start in music. A few years later I quit band and took up drumming. My first song was penned with lyrics, while I pounded on a chair in my bedroom, singing off key, and recording onto a Radio Shack tape recorder (what I wouldn’t give to have one of those cassettes today). 🙂 Yes, my teenage years were full of exploration!

Fast forward to the present, I work with music (electronic music to be exact) way more than I do lyrics. At some point, I began to realize that I sang out of tune, and that my voice was a little more than crackly at 3 AM, when I occasionally would wake up to jot down the lyrics to what I thought was a song destined to be #1 on the pop charts. 🙂

Tommy Boyce (a songwriter for the Monkees, and of Boyce and Hart fame) said it best in his autobiography, ‘How To Write A Hit Song and Sell It’, that “you write for the trash can.” And, while I personally don’t adhere to that practice 100% (mainly because it’s fun for me to create short loops that have an appeal, and put them on Loops of Passion radio or on my SoundCloud page), it makes good sense that the majority of musicians do business in that fashion.

In sum, I do strive to do the best I can with what I have. I feel if you give it your all in music, you’re likely giving it your all in other aspects of your life as well. And, that my friends, is a good thing!